The artist Karsten Loos, better known as Kasuma and Dee Mark, was born in Radebeul and lived in the Saxon capital Dresden until his 20th birthday. Here he developed his affection for acoustic (piano, drums etc.) and electronic music.
Later he moved to Dortmund to realize his ideas in music production and to build up his own music studio.
After a few releases and remixes with his production partner Uwe Reckzeh in 1993-94 Karsten made a name as Trance musician with this solo project DEE MARK in 1997.

DEE MARK songs were published by the well-known lable Fog Area where also famous artists such as PULSEDRIVER and TILLMANN UHRMACHER used to publish their songs.
His probably most famous track of that time was “MOONWALKER”. It appeared in all popular playlists as well as on many compilations (Future Trance, D. Trance, Tunnel Trance Force etc.). The track was licensed to several lables, e.g. the british lable Nukleuz.

The following singles „TIME @ SPACE“ and „SUPERNOVA“ were standard tunes of every DJ. One of his last productions for the project DEE MARK was a remake of the former club and charts hit of Emmanuel Tops project “B.B.E.”: „SEVEN DAYS AND ONE WEEK“.
After a few international remixes Karsten developped his music style to more and more melodic Trance Music.

Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten had considerable influence on the sound of his new project „KASUMA“, which he started in 2004. Karsten's large experience in different music styles are the basis for the driving grooves, floating sounds and thrilling harmonies of the new projects “KASUMA” and “Kay Stone”.
The first single for his project “KASUMA”, “DREAMING”, published by Ace da Brain's lable “VENOM”, was a great success! DJs like Judge Jules, Pete Tong, Tiesto, Talla 2XLC, Andre Visior etc. and radio stations such as BBC One and Sunshine Live played and still play the track to the extent.
Karstens music-future will be connected with his new partner Breeze Records. “ALONE”, the first track of his new project “KAY STONE” will be launched on the market in september 2005.
First reactions were quite good and so we can assume a successful cooperation with Breathe - Music.