JayB alias Johannes Berthold was born on 18th November 1988 in Dresden, Germany. Since I was six I was taking keyboard and piano lessons which I did until I was 18. At the age of 8 I founded a band called Pfefferminz together with my brother (playing saxophone) and later we were also joined by the wonderful singer Sandra. That's how I got most of my equipment.
After studio sessions for our first CD in 2003, I was motivated to start to produce my own music and so bought some more equipment, like a semi-professional sound card, MIDI-Interfaces and a mixer. Having tried various styles in the beginning I finally came up to trance music in the middle of 2005.
In 2006 I started to do sound design and also bought more synthesizers and got more and more experience, spreading my music for free on the web. My first release on CD was a remix for Mr Sam's "Lodestar" with which I won the remix competition for that song.
I'm open to any remix request and also do mastering jobs for you. I'm able to do voice recordings and other kinds of compilations.