Christian Stein and Tino Hufeld are both from the for Trance fans well known area of Frankfurt Main, one of the birthplaces of the German Electronic Dance Music. They met each other during Tinos apprenticeship and soon found out that they both have a passion for this kind of music. In the mid of the 1990ies they started professional music production.

Christian, who already had experience as DJ and Tino, who had already been concerned with equipment and keyboards very early, concluded their first contract with the Alphabetcity Label “Go for it” in 1998 and then released their first Trax.

The success was not long in coming and their first single “Zeitreise” conquered the dance scene. Numerous well known DJs played the single to the extend and so the single was on all important Trance- and Techno compilations, became one of the best sold “Go for it” records ever and reached a high position in the “German Dance Charts”. Nowadays “Zeitreise” is an often played classic tune.

The “Quality Trancers” reached a further climax with their remixes. After their remix of Marc et Claudes “I need your lovin”, one of the tunes of the year, it was no wonder that they received numerous remix requests.
They made remixes for Embargo “Hysterie” (News France), Lange “Follow me” (Positiva Great Britain) and Aurora “Hear you calling” (Positiva Great Britain), to name only a few.

They extended/increased their music activity with productions in cooperation with “DJ Sabu” and released the resulting catching tune “Follow the Lights” among others. “Microbe” followed as third project. With the first single “Xit2Nowhere” released on Talla2XLCs Label “Chaos” they entered the “German Dance Charts” again and it was the most played tune on Judge Jules BBC1 Radio Show.
Several releases on germanys leading independent labels “Alphabetcity” and “Overdose” followed.

At the beginning of 2003 they where asked to write a hymn for one of the biggest swiss events “Nautilus”. The finally track “ I will find U “ was released on Andre Visiors label “Torpedo – Records” in summer 2003. Their new partner “Torpedo Records” also released the new Dark Moon single " Hear me calling".

In summer 2004 they founded Breeze Records /Breathemusic.Several singles in cooperation with André Visior & Remixes have followed since that day and you will find on most Breathemusic releases a mix of the duo.