André Visior was lucky to be born and to grow up in the area of Frankfurt Main. Frankfurt is not only said to be one of the most thriving areas in Germany with highest life quality but also one of the cities that are the birthplace of German electronic music. Cult DJs such as Sven Vaeth or Talla 2XLC and legendary dance clubs like Omen or Dorian Gray influenced the scene more than anywhere else in the world. Here he was in the core of the dance scene at a very early age and was carried away by the at that time new music style. He fast built up a great understanding of sounds and did not only have a passion for simple Club-Technosound but also for productions of Jean Michel Jarre or real milestones in the electronic music, e.g. Electrica Salsa, one of the first productions of Sven Vaeth.

Very soon André Visior became clear that he wanted to change his place on the dance floor with the place behind the turntables. He spent his time learning the art of Dj-ing, bought his first records and at the age of 16 he already made his debut in front of an audience at the holy “Decks of Steel”. Many further performances followed at small and bigger events and through the years he also played in the top-clubs: Techno Club Dorian Gray, Oxa in Zurich, Reaktor Buehl or Prodo X Darmstadt. Even the radio stations HR3, well known for its “Clubnight”, and Sunshine Live, today the most successful radio station for Dance music, booked André Visior for several events.

His first own single “Speed Up” – started very effectively. This track was licensed by Warner Music (east west Records) and reached position 34 in the German Media Control Charts. Several TV-performances followed on, e.g. at the “VIVA” programs “Clubrotation” and “Interaktiv”, at “NBC Giga”, “MTV” or “RTL”. André Visior proved with his follow up single “Don't Go” that he is not a one hit wonder. The single reached position 47 of the Charts and was published in many countries, such as the USA. At the end of year 2003 André Visior managed his breakthrough and several scene magazines designated him as the “Newcomer of the Year”.

Since that day he had several very successful releases also in cooperation with other producers like Dark Moon or Kay Stone. The actual single André Visior & Kay Stone “Sunrise” gave Armin van Buuren goose bumps when he first listened to it and will be released in November 2010.


Björn aka Bluefire is resident DJ of the monthly Trance event series "Technoclub" in Frankfurt/Germany since 2005. Besides that he already played for "Monday Bar" in Stockholm, "Trance.Mission" on Ibiza and several clubs and festivals in Germany.

Bluefire stands for an exciting and powerful melodic sound, also adding some Psytrance elements from time to time in his sets.

In 2011, Bluefire already did a remix for Gabriele Menten - "Back" for Breathemusic and Dart Rayne and Yura Moonlight - "The Night Time" in 2012.

Now Breathemusic is proud to present Bluefire´s first release "Dreamnasia", an epic trance hymn including a massive remix by Photographer. "Dreamnasia" got amazing support by DJs Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Aly & Fila, Manuel Le Saux just to name a few.

Bluefire - "Dreamnasia" is now available at the digital stores... grab your copy now!




Christian Stein and Tino Hufeld are both from the for Trance fans well known area of Frankfurt Main, one of the birthplaces of the German Electronic Dance Music. They met each other during Tinos apprenticeship and soon found out that they both have a passion for this kind of music. In the mid of the 1990ies they started professional music production.

Christian, who already had experience as DJ and Tino, who had already been concerned with equipment and keyboards very early, concluded their first contract with the Alphabetcity Label “Go for it” in 1998 and then released their first Trax.

The success was not long in coming and their first single “Zeitreise” conquered the dance scene. Numerous well known DJs played the single to the extend and so the single was on all important Trance- and Techno compilations, became one of the best sold “Go for it” records ever and reached a high position in the “German Dance Charts”. Nowadays “Zeitreise” is an often played classic tune.

The “Quality Trancers” reached a further climax with their remixes. After their remix of Marc et Claudes “I need your lovin”, one of the tunes of the year, it was no wonder that they received numerous remix requests.
They made remixes for Embargo “Hysterie” (News France), Lange “Follow me” (Positiva Great Britain) and Aurora “Hear you calling” (Positiva Great Britain), to name only a few.

They extended/increased their music activity with productions in cooperation with “DJ Sabu” and released the resulting catching tune “Follow the Lights” among others. “Microbe” followed as third project. With the first single “Xit2Nowhere” released on Talla2XLCs Label “Chaos” they entered the “German Dance Charts” again and it was the most played tune on Judge Jules BBC1 Radio Show.
Several releases on germanys leading independent labels “Alphabetcity” and “Overdose” followed.

At the beginning of 2003 they where asked to write a hymn for one of the biggest swiss events “Nautilus”. The finally track “ I will find U “ was released on Andre Visiors label “Torpedo – Records” in summer 2003. Their new partner “Torpedo Records” also released the new Dark Moon single " Hear me calling".

In summer 2004 they founded Breeze Records /Breathemusic.Several singles in cooperation with André Visior & Remixes have followed since that day and you will find on most Breathemusic releases a mix of the duo.




Chris SX is a Producer | Deejay | Remixer from South Germany. After several years deejaying and releasing tracks with different Projects it was time to do something new. 2013 was the begining to push his own name in the music szene. With his driving force, the passion for music, Chris will destroy dancefloors and deliever fresh and new Music.




Chris SX started his carrer as deejay in the late 90′s, when he was very young. With his great ability he travelled through countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy,… to play his music in the clubs and festivals like Trance.Mission, Rave Culture, Clubtraxx and many more. Chris is really keen on music and technology since he was a very young guy and after some years of deejaying he started producing his own tracks. With the first Single ‘Illuminate’ he entered the Swiss Top 20 Dance Charts and only some months later, he topped the Chart position with his Remix for ‘Seikos – Gotta get up’ by climbing up to Position 5. Chris is the Producer of many tracks, both under his own name and under different pseudonym, like M.A.S.T.E.R., Tiberiun Sun and many more. And he is also requested as a remixer of course. With the start of 2013 Chris began his new adventure. Music is always on the move, so Chris decided to go to the next level and push his real name in the Scene. The first tracks under his new Alias are ready to damage the dancefloors. During his dj sets, he always focuses his attention on the dancefloor and he loves to play extended dj-sets in order to build up better the atmosphere of the performance and let everybody live a special experience. With his keyboards besides the DJ Set-Up, he is creating unique DJ Sets and gives well-known Tracks a new touch. His sound comes from the very trancy and melodic side of Trance and goes to the more progy and electro-trance side. But Chris does not care about musical boundaries. If it works on the dancefloors – go and play it!







JayB alias Johannes Berthold was born on 18th November 1988 in Dresden, Germany. Since I was six I was taking keyboard and piano lessons which I did until I was 18. At the age of 8 I founded a band called Pfefferminz together with my brother (playing saxophone) and later we were also joined by the wonderful singer Sandra. That's how I got most of my equipment.
After studio sessions for our first CD in 2003, I was motivated to start to produce my own music and so bought some more equipment, like a semi-professional sound card, MIDI-Interfaces and a mixer. Having tried various styles in the beginning I finally came up to trance music in the middle of 2005.
In 2006 I started to do sound design and also bought more synthesizers and got more and more experience, spreading my music for free on the web. My first release on CD was a remix for Mr Sam's "Lodestar" with which I won the remix competition for that song.
I'm open to any remix request and also do mastering jobs for you. I'm able to do voice recordings and other kinds of compilations.


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