Release Date 05.03.2015



Release Date: 05.03.2015

Remixes by: Factoria

Published by: Darkmoon – Music

Breathemusic is opening the new year 2015 with another quality release: Chris SX - "Go!".

Chris SX is a producer, deejay and remixer from South Germany who started his carrer as deejay in the late 90's and after some years of deejaying he started producing his own tracks. Chris is the producer of several tracks, both under his own name and under different pseudonyms, like "M.A.S.T.E.R.", "Tiberiun Sun" and many more.

With "Go!", Chris presents an absolute uplifting trance masterpiece with an outstanding melody and a massive bassline in the Original Mix.

Furthermore, Chris also added a "Clubrework" mix to the release, featuring the amazing melody from the Original with a much more progressive beat.

Last but not least, "Factoria" contributes a fantastic Trance remix to the release package of "Go!". Dave Dowsett aka. Factoria already scored a massive hit with "Revive" on Breathemusic back in 2010. With this remix, Dave once again delivers high quality stuff, adding an awesome groove and even some exotic psy like elements to the track!

Make sure to check out this brand new first qulity release of 2015 on Breathemusic: Chris SX - "Go!"